When I started Warp & Weft, I wanted to create a space that celebrated the art of weaving. Interlacing and knotting pieces that could be adorned by all walks of life. It’s a special thing to own a piece that has been created by the human hand. All of what I do is driven by being handmade and of high quality. It’s an art form, one that requires, love, dedication and time but the results speck for themselves.

Creator of hand knotted pieces for Home, Commercial and special events. We make macrame plant hangers, wall hangings, fashion pieces and special one-off pieces. It’s a beautiful thing to be adorn by beautiful artisanal local made products.

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This macramé plant hanger is made from natural jute locally sourced and features a series of accented coloured threads for that more modern look. Its a beautiful piece for an interior space...
- Comes in 2 sizes. Small (Right) and Large (Left)- Each pieces come with glass sphere bowl

This new macramé planter collection was designed to create a feeling of pureness, modernity and calm in one’s space. The tube like compact design at the top uses an ‘Alternative Knot’ technique combined with half hitch knot in the centre as a feature element. This feature has the option of making the tub smaller or taller to suite a range of ceiling heights.
Finishing details of vintage brass beads used in the cords arms and tassel ends adds a beautiful contrast touch to modern edgy design.

One of the purest and precious of nature’s resources, cotton is becoming more widely used in Home interiors. The main feature of this piece is the use of cotton sash cord. Cottons fibres characteristics are strong, comfortable, absorbent and a cosy decor touch for winter.

Comes in two sizes - Small (120cm H x 30cm W) & Large (135cm H x 30cm W)
Comes with White terracotta pot (can come without pot. Please contact for this options)

Beautifully handmade Macrame Plant Hangers. A classic re-designed into a modern stylish interior piece. The top detail feature design, similar to a diamond creating a nice statement design.

* Includes Glass fishbowl vase
* Range of colours available

Note - Each piece is hand made to order. Please allow for a 2-3 weeks waiting period.

If you are looking to fill a corner space with tall ceilings, then this exquisite piece will look amazing . It is a dual macrame plant hanger. Meaning you can place two lots of foliage (top and bottom) It creates a extremely beautiful and delicate feeling with the arrange of foliage yet a bold look in it's design. It's finishes with a long draping tassel.

Classic 70's Macrame made modern. Reinventing the retro version of the past with a modern fresh twist.
This piece was design using a range a traditional Macrame knots. Each piece is hand made and designed from scratch. Not one piece is a like which makes the product more bespoke, a one off. This style comes in a 'Natural Jute' for a more earthy style interior. Each piece is made to order. Please allow 3 weeks for deliver

This Macrame range are designed to be hang as a cluster of bright and cheerful plant hangers. They come in one size and are great for small or larger spaces. The collection comes in arrange of 4 colour, each coming a their own terracotta pot. The pot is half painted with an accent colour to match the macrame cord.

The inspiration for the ‘Spider Web’ Plant hanger piece came to me from my fathers vast backyard in east Gisppland where you see an array of Phonognstha Graeffei’s that cleverly weaves a leaf into a center of its web as a hide–away. The shape and web like structure gave me my inspiration. My pieces are designed with a modern twist to the traditional classic Macramé.

This piece can be hang from a ceiling via a 2 hooks 1 meter apart or using wooden dowel.
The width can be adjusted to sit close or apart from the main body frame. This piece is more expressive and looks fantastic as a focal piece with a long trailing leafy tendrils.

This piece is definitely say's statement piece! This design can be displayed inside or as an outside piece. For those who would like to have something a little unique. It's made using natural cotton sash cord (10mm thickness) which is definitely a thick heavy cord. The top piece is knotted using a spiral knot technique and is finished with a large fridge tassel. The pot is not included but can be found at your local Bunnings store in both black and beige. Any shallow pot however will suit this.

Designed for small spaces in mind. If you are looking to have a garden for your indoor or outdoor space but have very little room, this piece is a great size for you to achieve this. It's a simple macrame plant hanger featuring a funky knot at the top, a wrap knot to create a circle hook for you too hang immediately followed by a alternative knot that repeats to create a tubular texture. It's a cute yet stylish piece for a modern or traditional home.

Tribe as taken influence from the colours seen in various tribal cultures; from the norths arctic to souths native tribes.
It features a wrapped leather band with coloured bead that is available in three colour options. Tan & Black bead, Silver & White bead, Tan & Green bead. The piece is designed to be displayed in small spaces and can be bundled as a family by hanging two or three piece together creating a hanging garden wonderland. Macrame piece comes with terracotta pot and extender cord to adjust to various heights.

CORD - a natural cotton 5mm in thickness giving the piece a funky modern touch.
DIMENSIONS - 85cm tall by widest width of 23cm

Just the best day ever!

It's a rewarding experience creating macrame pieces for weddings knowing that two people are about to say 'I do". Warp & Weft can create custom macrame wedding arches for your big day. It can be as extravagant or simple in design. It's your day to create that fairytale setting.